My name is Harriet and I still use hotmail.

Run if you will; in fear, in shame, in hysterics even. That's fine I can take it. But brace yourselves for another confession... Something else I only just did, was to get an iphone.

It's nice really, I can watch 4OD. I can use pinterest every waking moment of the day, I can take poncy pictures and I can check the new cats gallery on my Battersea app. One of these days, I'll even figure out how to make a phone call, then my new 21st Century life will be absolutely complete.


Happy New Year

Happy 2013 people and what better way to kick start another year of animation, than with a banner project for animation super site Skwigly Un-advent Day 9, also known as January 3rd, "Resolution Ends."

Head to Skwigly to see it in all it's glory, or see below for a larger version. Please note: I take no responsibility in any resolutions being broken after viewing the image below. Stick with it people, the pain will be worth it in the end... Those cheeky little temptresses!


The Audience Title Sequence

Last month I was back at Voodoodog animating a lovely little title sequence to explain Channel 4's newest show "The Audience." In the old days when you had a problem, you'd grab a friend, a pint or two and chat it out down the pub. These days one friend just isn't enough, so instead you invite 50 strangers to watch your every move for a week then allow them to make your life changing decision for you. Does it work? You'll have to watch it to find out. An interesting idea and a fun titles job.

Click here for Vimeo link


New Website

I updated my Showreel and website ya'll, so here's a little video to clarify and celebrate! Big thanks to Matt Partridge for helping to get my website online and looking fine! www.harrietgillian.com


Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Dad! (And Dad's everywhere.) I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderfully unique Dad for introducing me to Douglas Adams, Heath Robinson, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and traveling the world.

To show my appreciation, here is a picture I drew of you (R), next to the one you recently drew of yourself (L). The funniest thing is, I drew exactly the same picture when I was 5 years old and I bet you have the old drawings to prove it! You haven't changed a bit.



Here is a video of my latest work for new mobile network "Bemilo". The project involved making a 90 second instructional video for the web, to demonstrate the benefits of Bemilo's child friendly mobile network.

It was a fun project with a tight deadline but the "Milo" character was simple enough to manage in the time and I'm pleased with his "acting". It was also nice to try out some animated typography which I've never really done before. Being a beginner in After Effects I decided to stick with flash to get the job done quicker. Again on such a tight schedule I'm pleased with how it turned out, though next time I'd definitely like to give After Effects a go for the type, or animate it properly and more creatively in flash.

Many thanks to Simon Goff and Lucy Gillis at Bemilo for bringing me onto this project. Click here for Bemilo website and video in full.


Tree Ducks

The other day I passed a window with a cat in it and the cat in question was staring. Not at me I realized as I followed it's eye line.
But at these two... Just having a rest.

I rather like ducks. A little fact for you all; I liked them so much when I was little, that "duck" was the first word I actually ever said.


2012 Showreel

2012 isn't just the year of the London Olympics.
Oh no, no... Drum roll please, for my new Flash Animation Showreel 2012!


Charlie from Busted

Here's the latest offering from animation director extra-extraordinaire, all round creative genius and brilliant buddy of mine, Alice Dupre. Once again I had the great pleasure of animating what I think is a lovely, sweet-hearted and adventurous music video with her, so I hope you all enjoy it. Here is, Charlie Simpson's latest video: "Farmer and his Gun."

And here to illustrate just how hard we were working, is the image of the main bunny, coming to life on my poor little wacom...


World Book Day

What better day to resume my blog than World Book Day! 

Last weekend we went along to the Imagine Kids Festival on the Southbank, accompanied by some super cute little book worms, (who today should be dressed as Ruby Redfort and Lola, or maybe even Mr. Gum!) It was great fun going to the shows like Andy Stanton's and watching all the kids at the festival get really excited about books, characters, authors and reading!

So, to celebrate World Book Day and to thank everyone at the festival, especially Ruby and Elsie for making the day so much fun, (even better than Christmas) Here is a quick and silly doodle...


Wishing You A Very Sparkly Christmas

Seasons greetings blogger and bloggee's! Believe it or not, Christmas is upon us.
If, like me, you're finding it hard to get in the spirit of things this year, thanks mainly to that old British favourite... The weather! 
Then feast your not so weary, not so festive eyes on this little Christmas card film I just made and it'll hopefully help you on your way. It's not in normal Christmas colours! Oooooh, but it is quite cute.

So without further ado, I give to you, best wishes and... "A Very Sparkly Christmas."

"A Very Sparkly Christmas." from Harriet Gillian on Vimeo.



Last night I ventured out to my first Zumba class. Dancing, no... Exercise in general, isn't my strong point, so going solo to Rada Studio's was a plunge into the deep in end to say the least. Anyway, it was lots of fun and I even made a new friend.

Here is a little pic of me attempting some of the moves. My friends tell me their mum's go to Zumba, I think I'd have to leave the room if I saw mine shaking her booty the way we did last night!

And here's how the professionals do it... Join in at home!


Black Cat Awareness Day

I've just been reliably informed it's Black Cat Awareness Day and seeing as we are currently completely bewitched by our neighbours brilliant little black cat, Indie, I thought I'd illustrate just how fantastic he and other black cats are, by drawing what he got up to this morning... He likes pens.

For more information on what Cats Protection have to say on the matter and how you can support them, click the link and/or read on...

"Black Cat Awareness Day is upon us!
Black cats are often overlooked by would-be adopters and many of them remain in our care for longer than others. This is why we have deemed today Black Cat Awareness Day. To really get people’s attention, we are running a social media campaign right now, but we need your help to make it a success!

We want to see a show of solidarity for these misunderstood felines so are inviting supporters to share pictures of their black cats now! Ideally, if you use Twitter, we would like you to tweet a link to wherever you choose to post your pictures along with the hashtag #CPBlackCats. We will be encouraging people to tweet this hashtag as much as possible between 12.30pm and 1.30pm in an attempt to get it trending on Twitter. "


Happy to Bed

I do apologise it's been ages! However, as mentioned in an earlier post,  I have been very fortunate recently to work with one of my great friends and most brilliant animation directors: Alice Dupre on 3 short viral films for Ikea Uk's "Happy to Bed" campaign for Mother London.

It was a great project to work on, massively creative and satisfying and a real team effort. When it comes to thinking outside the proverbial box and pushing animated ideas Alice has it down to a tee, which was great to see and work with. I tend to come at film from a story and narrative direction and often forget to give visual design the consideration it deserves, but all 3 films, I think look lovely.

So here for you're viewing pleasure, are the fruits of our labour... Enjoy... But don't nod off until you've seen them all!


Can't fight the rain.

Hello there... The sun is actually shining lovely and bright now, but the other day it poured for a little while so I drew this. 
It's been a funny sort of week really, so posting it now seemed quite appropriate.


New animation reel time...

After posting the pitch Jump and I did last week, I thought what my blog is lacking is a bit of animation here and there, so I decided to re-do my animation reel. As seen here, for your viewing pleasure... I hope.

The beautiful track by the way is "You could keep me talking." From The Leisure Society's latest album, Into the Murky Water, which I personally think is the bee's knees and should be bought up right away!


King of Winkles

Last month I was fortunate enough to be asked by Richard Norley and the team at Jump Design to help out on their pitch for a new show starring Claudia Winkleman. After an initial brief referencing the old TV show "Bewitched" we worked together to come up with character designs of Miss Winkleman, such as these...

Which the client decided was a little too 50's housewife and not the image they wanted for Claudia and so we went back to the drawing board and went down a different, more quirky and original route. Resulting in this quick sketch of mine...

Which led Richard and I, to settle on a sketchy flipbook/zoetrope style idea, a test of which you will see here. Kindly and expertly put together by Matt at Jump Design using my original line test.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and we didn't win the pitch, such is life. But I had a great time working with everyone at Jump Design and I'm really proud of what we came up with as a final idea. (I must also thank Richard for very kindly comparing my rough sketches to that of Quentin Blake! A massive compliment, and probably slight exaggeration! But one I will always remember.)

© Harriet Gillian and Jump Design Co-production


E for Envelopes

Here's E!

Big Dee

I was writing rhymes last week and could have done with rest of the alphabet so back on it again... Here's the big D!