Can't fight the rain.

Hello there... The sun is actually shining lovely and bright now, but the other day it poured for a little while so I drew this. 
It's been a funny sort of week really, so posting it now seemed quite appropriate.


New animation reel time...

After posting the pitch Jump and I did last week, I thought what my blog is lacking is a bit of animation here and there, so I decided to re-do my animation reel. As seen here, for your viewing pleasure... I hope.

The beautiful track by the way is "You could keep me talking." From The Leisure Society's latest album, Into the Murky Water, which I personally think is the bee's knees and should be bought up right away!


King of Winkles

Last month I was fortunate enough to be asked by Richard Norley and the team at Jump Design to help out on their pitch for a new show starring Claudia Winkleman. After an initial brief referencing the old TV show "Bewitched" we worked together to come up with character designs of Miss Winkleman, such as these...

Which the client decided was a little too 50's housewife and not the image they wanted for Claudia and so we went back to the drawing board and went down a different, more quirky and original route. Resulting in this quick sketch of mine...

Which led Richard and I, to settle on a sketchy flipbook/zoetrope style idea, a test of which you will see here. Kindly and expertly put together by Matt at Jump Design using my original line test.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and we didn't win the pitch, such is life. But I had a great time working with everyone at Jump Design and I'm really proud of what we came up with as a final idea. (I must also thank Richard for very kindly comparing my rough sketches to that of Quentin Blake! A massive compliment, and probably slight exaggeration! But one I will always remember.)

© Harriet Gillian and Jump Design Co-production


E for Envelopes

Here's E!

Big Dee

I was writing rhymes last week and could have done with rest of the alphabet so back on it again... Here's the big D!


Maki avec Jack-ie

I've been writing lots at the moment, which is always a steep learning curve for me. It's early days in this animators writing career, but I feel quite good about my story today and have sent it out to some friendly peoples to read through.

This is a thank you drawing for one of those lovely people.



Next in the alphabet is...