Happy to Bed

I do apologise it's been ages! However, as mentioned in an earlier post,  I have been very fortunate recently to work with one of my great friends and most brilliant animation directors: Alice Dupre on 3 short viral films for Ikea Uk's "Happy to Bed" campaign for Mother London.

It was a great project to work on, massively creative and satisfying and a real team effort. When it comes to thinking outside the proverbial box and pushing animated ideas Alice has it down to a tee, which was great to see and work with. I tend to come at film from a story and narrative direction and often forget to give visual design the consideration it deserves, but all 3 films, I think look lovely.

So here for you're viewing pleasure, are the fruits of our labour... Enjoy... But don't nod off until you've seen them all!

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