2012 Showreel

2012 isn't just the year of the London Olympics.
Oh no, no... Drum roll please, for my new Flash Animation Showreel 2012!


Charlie from Busted

Here's the latest offering from animation director extra-extraordinaire, all round creative genius and brilliant buddy of mine, Alice Dupre. Once again I had the great pleasure of animating what I think is a lovely, sweet-hearted and adventurous music video with her, so I hope you all enjoy it. Here is, Charlie Simpson's latest video: "Farmer and his Gun."

And here to illustrate just how hard we were working, is the image of the main bunny, coming to life on my poor little wacom...


World Book Day

What better day to resume my blog than World Book Day! 

Last weekend we went along to the Imagine Kids Festival on the Southbank, accompanied by some super cute little book worms, (who today should be dressed as Ruby Redfort and Lola, or maybe even Mr. Gum!) It was great fun going to the shows like Andy Stanton's and watching all the kids at the festival get really excited about books, characters, authors and reading!

So, to celebrate World Book Day and to thank everyone at the festival, especially Ruby and Elsie for making the day so much fun, (even better than Christmas) Here is a quick and silly doodle...