Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Dad! (And Dad's everywhere.) I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderfully unique Dad for introducing me to Douglas Adams, Heath Robinson, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and traveling the world.

To show my appreciation, here is a picture I drew of you (R), next to the one you recently drew of yourself (L). The funniest thing is, I drew exactly the same picture when I was 5 years old and I bet you have the old drawings to prove it! You haven't changed a bit.



Here is a video of my latest work for new mobile network "Bemilo". The project involved making a 90 second instructional video for the web, to demonstrate the benefits of Bemilo's child friendly mobile network.

It was a fun project with a tight deadline but the "Milo" character was simple enough to manage in the time and I'm pleased with his "acting". It was also nice to try out some animated typography which I've never really done before. Being a beginner in After Effects I decided to stick with flash to get the job done quicker. Again on such a tight schedule I'm pleased with how it turned out, though next time I'd definitely like to give After Effects a go for the type, or animate it properly and more creatively in flash.

Many thanks to Simon Goff and Lucy Gillis at Bemilo for bringing me onto this project. Click here for Bemilo website and video in full.